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Millennium Medical Billing is not your typical billing company. We run our business like we run our family:

  • We Take the Time to Care for Our Clients.
  • We Take the Time Solve Your Problems.
  • We Take the Time to Help Improve Your Medical Practice.

Here at Millennium, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Our competitors use high end marketing and low end labor to make a quick buck. Millennium Medical Billing doesn't believe in such ideals or practices - we believe that your satisfaction is worth our time.

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Millennium Medical Billing
Leading Competitors
In-House Billing
Available 7 Days a Week Yes_medical_billing No_medical_billing No_medical_billing
Family Owned and Operated Yes_medical_billing Not_Guaranteed_medical_billing Not_Guaranteed_medical_billing
Certified Billers and Coders Yes_medical_billing Not_Guaranteed_medical_billing Not_Guaranteed_medical_billing
Incentive-Based Compensation Yes_medical_billing Yes_medical_billing No_medical_billing