PC's and Devices for Medical Billing

With the rapid growth of technology in the medical field and a myriad of products to choose from, it can be difficult to know what computers and electronics is the right choice for your medical practice. In most cases we recommend speaking to a technology professional before making any purchases, this can save your medical practice a lot of time and money. Fortunately, at Millennium Medical Billing we have an in-house IT professional, Andy Peeke. He keeps you up to date and regularly consults and contracts projects for our clients.

The following is a list of Andy’s recommendations:

Desktop PC:

  • Best choice: Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate 32-bit, Dual core processor or better, 2GB RAM or better
  • Watch out for:
    - Windows Home, Home Premium. I have seen a lot of compatibility issues with these machines
    - 64-bit technology, can be fit to work in most environments if XP mode & Windows Virtualization is set up properly, but I have had a lot of headaches from this and would recommend that any office without IT support or with novice PC users stick to 32-bit for now.


  • Best Choice: Brother MFC 8480DN
  • For a smaller office: Brother MFC 7440N
  • Printer only: Brother HL 5340D
  • Watch out for: INK!!!
    - Ink printers are slower and need to be refilled more often
    - Get a printer that has network capabilities, it is always a nice option and helps make the printer available to more than 1 computer
    - Color printers, most likely you will not need color printing in your office, color printing costs more that black & white too.

Document Scanner:

  • Best Choice: Fujitsu fi 6130
  • Next Best Choice: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 (ScanSnap S1500m for Mac)
  • Watch out for:
    - All-in-one machines, the scanning features on these are usually slow and limited. If you will be scanning more than 50 pages a week, or any double sided (duplex), documents, then it is best to get a dedicated document scanner that gets the job done quickly and easily.
    - If you use and EMR/EHR then make sure the scanner is compatible with your system.

Hands-Free Phones:

  • Best Choice: Plantronics CS 70N
  • Watch out for:
    - Holding the phone between your ear and shoulder is not good for your comfort or health. Using a hands free helps your be more productive and much more comfortable. Come by our office if you would like to try one out.

Computer Monitors:

  • Best Choice: 24” LCD monitor (Click HERE to see why)
  • Watch out for:
    - Having the monitor sit at an angle to your workstation, it is best for your spine and neck for you to be looking straight at the monitor.
    - Make sure the monitor is at a comfortable viewing height, using a monitor mount is helpful and it also creates more desk space.
    - For a fast paced office a dual monitor set up would be ideal.
    - Always set up your workstation for optimal comfort because that will help to bring optimal productivity.