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about_medical_billing Millennium Medical Billing Inc. was founded in 1997 by Roxana Peeke and Mariana Marin. From very humble beginnings Millennium has become a premier billing company because of commitment and attitude.

  • The executives at Millennium Medical Billing have combined for over 52 years in the medical billing industry
  • Our administrators and account managers average eleven years in medical billing.
  • For the past ten years Millennium Medical Billing has provided clients with services designed to increase revenue, ensure predictable cash flow and improve practice efficiency.

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Explanation of Billing Fees

"Roxana, your company looks to be a great fit for our billing needs. I did meet with some other companies, while not as impressive, they do offer lower billing fees. Could you please explain the difference between your company and the others?"

Sometimes when I meet with a potential client they mention that the billing fees for Millennium Medical Billing are slightly more than the competition. I have a number of responses to that question, see below, but the most important answer is that every client gets more from Millennium Medical Billing. More attention, more service and more money than what other billing departments tend to deliver.

So, how do we justify our fees?

We are American owned & operated.

There is a growing trend in medical billing companies to put together brilliant sales & marketing schemes to gather new clients. Once a new client is acquired, typically, the billing company proceeds to send all the work from that client to an undereducated and unqualified person.

Usually, this unqualified person will put forth an honest effort, but when all is said and done there will be a plethora of errors and detail oversights. Most of the time the medical practice will not be aware of such shortcomings, or accept the fact that the billing service is so cheap that these mistakes will be accepted.

At Millennium Medical Billing, we provide an unparalleled level of service; typically a prospective client cannot experience this until they become a client, or speak with any of our highly satisfied clients. Our executives & account managers are intimately involved with each account and regularly visit client offices for meetings & training updates.

When all is said and done, it is a crapshoot to go with a low-budget medical billing company; they might get the job done right or they might steer you practice into a dire situation, it is our observation that the latter is far too common.

In the end, it is your medical practice and it is your decision to take a gamble on how your billing gets done, or you can go with a proven winner in Millennium Medical Billing.

We have properly certified, trained & experienced personnel.

Going beyond the aforementioned, many American based billing companies or in-house medical billers do not always hire properly certified and trained medical billing agents. Moreover, any medical biller with training & certification still needs to maintain their credentials and be up-to-date with the ever-changing world of medical billing.

We tightly screen each employee within our company to ensure that they are certified and qualified to work in our fast paced and detail oriented office environment. Many medical billing companies and medical offices have a laissez-faire approach to their human resources and standards in quality.

When it comes to hiring the right people we allow no room for compromise, another reason why Millennium Medical Billing stands above the competition.

We are family owned and operated.

Personally, I have great comfort when I get to work with other family owned/operated organizations. It is relaxing to know that everyone involved knows each other and is interested in working to benefit the whole group, there is also stability in knowing that if one family member is not available you can family ask for another that will work to accommodate all your needs. While being a family business does not change our bottom line, we do like to present this as an added benefit of working with Millennium Medical Billing.

We apply the latest standards in technology so we to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead for your medical practice. Our paperless office and electronic document management system allows us to speed up the revenue process for your medical practice.
We spend less time walking to file cabinets and digging through folders and more time collecting money for your medical practice, and we can help you do the same in your medical practice. Our online web-portal allows clients to quickly and easily upload files for billing along with giving clients access to view account balances and real-time insurance verification.

When a medical practice is ready for electronic medical records we can advise as to what would work best for that practice and verify that the EMR would interface with our medical billing software.

In closing, our fees quickly justify themselves when you experience the level of quality and value that Millennium Medical Billing brings to each medical practice it services. In short, we are the best and I challenge anyone out there to find a better billing service.

How to Transition from In-House Billing to Millennium Medical Billing:

Q&A with: Roxana Peeke CEO, Millennium Medical Billing & Thomas Kraft, Medical Practice Manager.
Click on each question to see the response.

  • If a medical practice has always done their medical billing in-house and is concerned about going to an outside medical billing company, what assurances can you provide that it will go smoothly?
  • The best, and most important, assurance that I can give is that my company, Millennium Medical Billing, will put forth our best effort to maximize profits for your practice. That is one of the great incentives of a medical billing company (incentive based compensation) vs. on staff billers/in-house billers (hourly wages). We have a long history of providing top-notch medical billing services and I am confident that any of my references will confirm this. Transitioning from in-house billing to a billing company can be a challenging process, but it is a process that I am very familiar with and can guide you through. Personally, I put in a lot of late nights when we bring on new clients of your size (4-6 physicians) because I know that there is so much involved with moving everything in the right direction. If your practice is willing to heed my medical billing advice and direction then I have no doubt that we will exceed your expectations.
  • Can you provide a list of items you feel are the most important aspects of getting a company set-up properly?
  • 1. Commitment (getting things done properly and on-time)
    2. Communication (clearly understanding and conveying what needs to be done, how to do it and when it is to be completed)
    3. Positive Attitude & Enthusiasm (this makes everything so much easier and enjoyable)
    *These three items apply to both sides of the equation, your company and mine. Together we can make great progress.
  • Do you provide a detailed plan of what steps are needed, etc.? If so, can you provide a copy it?
  • Every medical practice has different needs and that is why we are so highly regarded in terms of our level of service. The steps pf setting up a practice are definitely not set in stone but typically follow these guidelines:
    1.Obtain and verify all medical credentialing documentation
    2. If a practice is not enrolled with CAQH, then I would immediately create one for the practice. For more information, please visit the following links: The Why and How of CAQH Credentialing for Medical Providers or CAQH Website
    3. Verify all individual physician as well as group NPI numbers for the physicians and the practice
    4. Make sure all physicians are enrolled in PECOS For more information Click Here. Although a practice is currently enrolled in the traditional Medicare program, all physicians must take a further step by enrolling themselves with PECOS.
    5. Millennium Medical Billing would need to set up the practice in our electronic medical billing database, Intergy by Sage. In order to accomplish this, we would need the following for each and every physician linked to the medical practice:

    - Copies of all school diplomas
    - CDS
    - Date of Graduation from Medical School
    - Name of Medical School
    - CV
    - Medical License
    - Board Certification
    - Social Security Number
    - Date of Birth
    - State and City of Birth or Country of Birth
    - Proof of the Individual NPI number
    - Letters of Good Standing from Hospitals where each provider has full and unrestricted privileges
    - Malpractice Insurance
    - Office Location(s) and Hours of Operation
    - A list containing the Participating Individual Provider Id numbers next to the name of each insurance carrier. Also, each insurance carrier must contain an address and a telephone number for contact.

    As far as the practice is concerned, we would need the following documents:

    - Tax Form CP575
    - A copy of the Corporate Documents
    - Group NPI number -- Username and Password to this NPI number
    - Mailing/Correspondence and Payment address (I need the mailing address where all the correspondence and checks go to)
    - A list containing the Group Provider Id numbers
    - A list containing the names of each insurance carrier and the Provider Id numbers for the group
    - A list of all procedures performed by your clients and the fee amount that they would like us to use when we submit claims annotated next to each procedure
  • Also, if you can think of anything else that will make a successful transition, I would like to know you thoughts on it.
  • One of the most important aspects of this transition is to get everyone on the same page and create synergy between our offices. Once everybody clearly understands what needs to be done on a regular basis then things will be moving like clockwork. To obtain such synergy we need to have great communication and commitment on both sides. Again, my current client list speaks for itself when it comes to communication and commitment.
  • What is your experience, based upon the above, with other similar companies you have set up?
  • I just want to reiterate that the transitional process can be challenging, many of those challenges depend on the current state of your practice and how well everything has been maintained. To illustrate further, consider a contractor trying to remodel an old house that has old wiring, plumbing, roof, insulation and so on. Any work done on the house will likely expose other areas that need work which would likely expose even more areas to address. Replacing a window might reveal a termite colony in a wall, adding a light might reveal old frail wiring, adding insulation in the attic might expose a leaky roof. I would be delighted to take on your account and take your practice in the direction you want to see it go.