Instructions for Scanning - Millennium Medical Billing

Best Practices for Scanning

  • Scan all documents with proper & consistent orientation. Any landscape view document should be aligned with the top to the left side-as you are holding the document in your hands- any portrait view document should be aligned at the top.
  • Clear any staples, clips, tears or obstructions that might cause a paper jam.
  • Ensure that all papers are placed squarely in the scanner and are not skewed.
  • Scan documents in the order that they would be needed for correct processing.
  • Only scan necessary documents and clear any blank pages.
  • Name files in the following format: "s-7-4-09" "e12-25-09"; "s" & "e" indicating whether a file is a superbill or EOB. For more than one file in the same package use this format "s2-14-09" "s2-14-09a" "s2-14-09b".